June 6, 2005

Apple trades IBM for Intel

Well, Apple traded CPU providers today. Why? Probably a combination of that crazy Steve Jobs and an apathetic IBM. IBM promised a 3GHz G5 one year after the 2GHz G5 was announced, and here we are, 2 years later and Steve looks a bit foolish for relaying that promise and still having no product to show. As for IBM, sure, Apple is the trendiest thing to hit the American population since the crimping iron, but what are a few Macs when you have the next generation of video game consoles covered. I'm sure it hurts to lose a company with the media attention that Apple commands today, but IBM also has plenty to keep its hands full. I suppose it's dissapointing that Apple is moving to the X86 CISC architecture, but the lines between CISC and RISC seem to be more clearly drawn in academia than in actual production. (For example, the PowerPC601 supports more instructions than the Pentium, yet the Pentium is a CISC chip, while the PowerPC 601 is considered to be RISC. Whatever.) I don't have a terribly legitimate idea how this will effect Apple. Apple will still be using IBM for their higher-end stuff, and maybe now they will take over the PC market ::chuckles:: after having switched to a more widely compatible X86 architecture. The change is going to mean a lot of work for Apple and their contributing software developers to make a smooth transition from IBM to Intel processors. I'm sure Steve and his secret staff have lots of good ideas up their sleeves, so I'll just wait for more rumors and the sporadic updates from the man himself.

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