June 19, 2005

How the Engineers Exercise

Remember when your mom yelled at you for playing video games all day, and made you go do your homework or waste time in the great outdoors? Booya, in your face! Turns out some schools in California, in an attempt to fight childhood obesity, are adding DDR and EyeToy: Play to their P.E. curriculum. In addition to having PS2s and touch pads for the games, the schools are adding stationary bike/video game combinations to get the kiddies to do some exercise. This isn't the first I've heard regarding DDR and weight loss marvels. Atkins? South Beach? Subway? Say goodbye to the fad diets of yesterday, and march over to Best Buy to purchase your new fitness plan in a box. Ah, the sweet irony.

Although I didn't get my exercise from DDR today, I did go hiking up Mt. Diablo with Mela and Yisong. About one mile up and I started feeling the onset of a blister. We pretty much took the 3 miles up and back down on a gravel-coated trail. We ran into one snake, a few lizards, hundreds of monster pine cones, and one lost Asian. All of us were complaining of sore feet, hips, and backs on the way down. At the ripe age of 22, you'd think that we'd be a bit more agile, but alas, we just add to the statistic of physically weak and feeble Engineers.