June 28, 2005

Night of the Living Dogs

Some scientists in Pittsburgh have revived canines from a state of death, in effect creating zombie dogs. They drain the blood from the dogs, fill their veins with a cold, saline solution, and a few hours later, the blood goes back in, they give the pup a little electric shock, and he's ready to go play fetch. The dogs are clinically dead after filled with saline, as they have no brain activity, heart rate, or signs of breathing. There are plans to test this method on humans within a year, and although it isn't a technique that could preserve bodies for years, it could give doctors another option when it comes to treating patients that have high blood loss.

This is incredible. Being able to suspend life seemed only realizable in science-fiction, yet this shows real promise to do just that. The dogs showed no signs of brain damage, nor any other signs of physical or mental change. I just hope that legislation doesn't get in the way of advancing this science, and that one day, I will get a chance to walk among the real living dead.

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