August 17, 2005

It's a Toshiba!

My laptop was officially pronounced dead yesterday. She was in one of those vegetative states where I didn't want to admit that she was really gone despite there being no signs of functioning parts. A glass of water spilled on her one morning in California, and she fizzled out before I could turn the power off. I'd like to say she was a good laptop and that she will be missed, but I had problems with the fan (twice), LCD screen, touchpad, and USB drive. Aside from me liking back-up machines laying around that I can power-up and type into if need be, I don't so much care about this one. I will not be in the Dell market for laptops anytime soon.

Because I am down to one old, moldy desktop from freshman year and am heading back to school, I needed a functional machine stat. So, I bought my new toy, a Toshiba M55-S325. It's very light weight, has a big hard drive (that's all I really care about anyways), Intel Pentium M processor, Dual-Layer DVD+/-RW optical drive, and 4 USB ports - No, I don't need 4 ports; Bite me! All this for under 1000 bones and a slick warranty to cover any problems I encounter or create along the way. Now if only I could get Linux to recognize any of these lovely parts...

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