September 5, 2005

A New Bottle of Toothpaste

A new day, a new schedule, a new degree, and a new bottle of toothpaste. Of these, I am maybe most excited about the paste, as it is both flouride-free and peppermint fresh. I have had nothing but trouble trying to find a paste that fits both of these requirements, as about everything sold in major grocery stores has flouride, and the only kinds I have found without it taste like anise. No, I am not part of the .001% of the population that actually likes the taste of black licorice. But today, I found a new type from Tom's of Maine that is preservative, sweetener, and evil-chemical free, and it tastes like I just rubbed mint leaves all over my teeth, except without all of the green stuff left afterwards.

As for school, I've finally gotten back into the routine of classes, and meetings, and living most of my day at the Siebel Center. The academic year never really feels like it's started until after Labor Day weekend, but now, I fully accept and embrace the flurry of papers, meetings, and projects that will consume my next few months. Bring it on.

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