March 14, 2006

Stepping Down

This week, I stepped down and crowned Anthony Philipp as the next Chair of ACM. Overall, ACM had a productive year. It was a lot of fun (re: work) running things with Ari, Ryan, Anthony, and Christy. We had tons of companies throwing money at us and a lot of SIG projects at EOH. Nobody died from caffeine overload, nobody was want for pizza, and I didn't rip anyone's head off - always a good sign. As far as I've been told, I was the first girl to hold the position of Chair and would like to think I brought out the softer (re: pinker) side of ACM. That being said, my main contribution* of the year...

* Ok, ok. I can't take full credit for this. Special thanks to Keenan Crane and Steve Hanna for supporting me in this color choice during Conference meetings and especially to Keenan for his implementation in the final t-shirt graphics. Also, thanks to Sameer Sundresh for his generous purchase and gift of this fine polo. Finally, thanks to Yisong Yue for always having the stylish sense to choose and encourage pink male attire.

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