July 8, 2006

Out With the Old, In With the Ugly

It has been brought to my attention that my new web design is horrible. It's blinding, boring, obnoxiously plain, and most importantly, lacks the touch of my signature pink*. Well disloyal fans, the minimalist theme is here to stay. Ultimately, your resounding objections and threats of abandonment don't scare me; It's not like I really noticed you were visiting anyways.

It's been just a hiccup over a year since the birth of this waste of file space and server load, so it's high time for a face lift. This theme is inspired by the many, many pages of LaTeX formatted research papers I've toiled over in the past year, and will undoubtedly keep suffocating in this year. And so, no more 1337 terminal fonts and black backgrounds, no more flashy pink highlights and link decorations. I'm old and cheap and can't rationalize having so much wasted color and patterning. I'm going back to the basics of #ffffff and #000000 and if you don't like it, well, go to myspace or somewhere that acknowledges the Ajaxy world of web 2.0.

*This is only mostly true. There are a few pink-inspired remnants left around for posterity, but kept tightly out of broad view.

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