September 20, 2006

Submission Security

"This option will take you into a form in which you fill in information regarding a new submission: name, title, authors, contact email, etc. Perhaps the most cryptic option is the "password" field. You may fill it in however you wish (though weird characters might cause problems), or leave it blank. However, if you leave it blank, you will allow anyone in the world to easily mess up your submission. Ideally then, you should pick a password that you and your coauthors can remember, but which cannot be guessed by anyone else; we recommend spelling your last name backwards." - FOCS [1] 2006 Submission Server

Umm... [2]

[1] FOCS stands for Foundations of Computer Science, the creditable body that has made these insightful suggestions for password safety.

[2] Yisong told me I need to be nicer to theory folk because no one is going to risk their academic careers by ruining other author's submissions. To quote, "Us theory folks are too naive to understand the treacherous landscape that is the real world." So be it my dear theorists, but if a handful of FOCS 2006 submissions mysteriously include Tupac lyrics as theorem proofs, no complaints!

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