November 24, 2006

Craft Day Domination

Sure, sure, we do the whole turkey and pumpkin pie thing each year like the rest of the country, but the family highlight of November is always our annual Craft Day. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, with the rest of the country drowning in a sea of shoppers and early bird sales, my brothers, cousins, and I go to my grandmas to feast on homemade turkey soup and work on holiday crafts. The tradition started over ten years ago and has been going strong since. Each of us sits down to paint, glue, and hammer away at some type of holiday ornament or decoration while we critique the progress of the competing efforts. If holiday crafting was a sport, I would probably consider training for some type of world title. Without any serious effort, I'd at least make the front cover of the local newspaper for being so awesome. My brother David's claim to fame was the Snowson family of snowmen from two years ago and my other brother Michael made a strong showing this year with a quick-fix, tin foil tree skirt. My mom painted a holiday gourd last year that looked like something made by the Crypt Keeper with a red and green flare. I, however, have a consistent track record of having the best final product, and this year was no different.

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