December 24, 2006

Leo n' Noel*

My Latina lover, Ms. Leo Linares, came to spend Christmas Eve with me and my family this year. After a few glasses of champagne, we have both forgotten our engineering woes...

During our annual breaking of the oplatek, everyone wished me good luck (and good riddance!) in 2007 with my new job and new home on the west coast, offering sprinkles of advice concerning earthquake insurance and being prepared for when the state breaks off into the Pacific. Papa told Leo "don't get pregnant" in their exchange, wise words I'm sure she'll take with her into 2007. Then we feasted on the traditional meal of mushroom soup, fried shrimp (no meat on Christmas), and an array of side dishes, followed by plates of Christmas cookies, a pear tart from Champaign (thanks Leo), and a homemade cheese cake. Afterwards, we all rolled around the tree, opened family gifts, and then went home to wait for Santa's arrival.

* Weee... a palindrome!

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