March 1, 2007

Two Weeks in Review

Much has happened in the past two weeks, most of which I'm too lazy to recount completely. Suffice it to say I am alive, well, reconnected to the digital world, and living in a new area code.

I flew to California and moved into an apartment at the same complex I lived in last summer. I soon realized that from the unit I was placed in, I could detail the whole CalTrain schedule and discern between a diesel and gas engine driving down Central Exwy. Any closer to the train station and I probably could have heard the conductor making a call for tickets. After a good deal of hassling, I moved into another unit on the other side of the complex, which is much quieter. Now I get to try and track down all of the boxes I shipped to the original address and herd them to my new home. In the new apartment, Peter bought me some tulips which I planted in a small garden on my back porch.

I bought a new car. It's a Mazda3 Touring Hatchback. It's blue. Zoom zoom.

I drove to Joshua Tree with Peter to do some climbing for a few days. Despite cold weather and being completely humbled by the routes there, we both had a great time. The trip was also was a nice way to put 1000 training miles on the new car.

I bought some essentials for the apartment, including an air mattress, a new LCD HDTV, dishes, and some pots. I still need bedding, a real mattress, and maybe some furniture or something to replace the box I'm currently multi-purposing as a chair, table, and foot stool. The order by which I'm purchasing things has made me take notice of strange priorities. I have 4 bottles of wine, a wine opener, and wine glasses for six, but still no blanket. Hmmm...

Finally, I started work. I now have a salary, options, benefits, a retirement plan, and a morning commute, albeit a very short one. I'm OK with all of this so far, but once someone addresses me by mam, I'm buying a Ferrari and getting a mohawk.

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