October 15, 2007

Reflections on UIUC, Projections of Silly

I went to Reflections|Projections 2007 this past weekend to catch up with friends and watch Peter give a talk. Campus looks about the same, except this time I left with a better appreciation for UIUC and college life. I miss being able to walk across the street to my friend's apartment or two blocks to have lunch at Za's for $5. I miss having coffee shops open until 2AM (Mountain View shuts down by 10PM), but most of all, I miss having access to all of the public school buildings to hideout in. I was never good at doing work in my apartment, so I'd seek out remote places at strange hours of the day and night. Classrooms in old and creepy Altgeld, the basement in DCL, or random rooms in Beckman or Loomis were all favorites. UIUC also just has a nice campus to walk around; there is this interesting architectural dichotomy between the modern engineering buildings north of Green St. and the older collegiate buildings farther south. Even downtown Urbana and Champaign have their own charm. Maybe it isn't as ugly and boring as I always complain it is.

Anyways, it was a pretty rushed visit as far as seeing and catching up with people, but I got to see most of the important ones.

Bill claimed he could replant a pineapple top when I lived with him,
and failed miserably. He seems to have succeeded after I left,
but now is claiming chickens can be hynotized. Ankur's just happy
he doesn't have to listen to Bill's crazy claims anymore.

Chris really likes Pirate swords and got a new
piece of jewelry in his ear. Arrrrr...

Carrino adores Steve and his contentedness; Ari suffers
with a pepperoncini.

Paul gives the camera a 15% smile, slightly more generous
than average. Kurt makes up for the difference.

Peter thinks he is one of the Blue's Brothers.
I won't tell him any different if you don't.


Yisong Yue said...

Looks like you guys had fun.

Asirap said...

Not as much fun as if Yue were there.

Billy said...

I never get sick of that joke. I have a student this semester named You (it's even spelled that way). I always feel so ghetto when he's late to lab and I ask his lab partners "Is You coming?"

Asirap said...

Yeah, same here. I use it every chance I can with Yisong. I'm sure he hates it by now :)

Billy said...

I have a recent picture of my pineapple. It's much bigger than that old pic you linked and it's now in my office window at Siebel. It's here.

Asirap said...

Very impressive!