December 20, 2007

Free Ad Space

Tis the season for generosity. As a gift to my friends, I'm giving away free ad space on my blog, which means there will be one more text file on the Internet pushing your agenda. Now you can stop complaining about all those birthday presents I forgot to send. Free loaders.

Jerry is working on this cool research project called Dryad that everyone should try out and give him feedback on. It's supposed to allow laymen (like you, not me) to create their own 3D tree models for games or whatever other virtual landscaping needs you might have. Easy to make pink and blue trees, what more could you ask for?

Steve had a bad experience with Fuzzy's Skateboards, so be careful before purchasing from them, or you might too. Personally, I would never be interested in a fuzzy skateboard. Seems like they would roll a lot worse.

My brother, David, wants people to know what an excellent experience he is having at Rush Medical University. The curriculum is challenging, but the faculty is encouraging and helpful. He also wants to let people know that Betty Crocker instant potatoes are exceptionally tasty, especially when you add garlic powder.

Want free advertising? Let me know what you want the world to know about, and I'll include it above.


Jerry Talton said...

I wondered where the pink fuzzball tree came from.

Clearly, that was silly of me.

L said...

Your blog doesn't come up when I google "fuzzy skateboards". Steve's does however. Your *advertising* is not as good a gift as you think... C'mon now you WORK for google!!!

L said...

P.S. I want it so that whenever you google "hot" or "sexy" or "awesome" or "smart" my pictures pops up first. Now make it happen :-)

Asirap said...

Leo, my darling, the point is to raise Steve's blog up (not mine) in Google search results so that his nasty blog posts will get the attention of would-be Fuzzy customers. As for the keyword tagging, I'm totally working on it right now.

L said...

I was looking at Peter's "Holiday Party" pictures!!

1. You look hawt
2. I <3 your sexy shoes
3. Nice earrings!!
4. I <3 your sexy self
5. Can't wait to see you!!!