September 5, 2008

Poison Oak

I used to play this morbid game with my brothers and friends where we took turns devising the most painful and torturous ways to die - well, it wasn't a routine game, but I've had this brainstorming exercise a few times by now. Ya know, you start with the obvious skin eating bacteria or being chopped up by a lawn mower ideas, and then eventually get to more creative and elaborate plans until someone finally goes too far, gets called deranged, and wins. The next time I play this game, my winning idea will include poison oak as some key element.

Poison oak, like poison ivy if you are from the midwest, has a surface oil called urushiol that causes an allergic reaction in most people. I went on a hike with Yisong, Fang, and some IMSA co. over a month ago, we detoured into some private property covered in poison oak, and 3 weeks later I started breaking out in itchy bumps. It's been over 3 weeks since the first outbreak occurred, and I'm still not totally healed!

Itching is horrible. I'd take pain over itching any day. Scratching feels so wonderful, but the outbreak rashes just seem to get aggravated, spread, and puss more. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. Don't have a mental image yet? How about a drawing!

They say that great art comes from great pain (and itching... it's implied). Well, crappy art comes from there too.

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