April 28, 2009

Glass Marble Travel Magnets

I made some glass marble travel magnets. This is a really, really simple craft that can yield some fun results and serve as a gift or replacement to the free car insurance or portrait of your uncle Ted's family magnet that currently adorns your refrigerator door. You can use any small picture as a background (magazine clippings, photos, decorative paper) and then just trace out a circle, glue it to the back of a flat glass marble, attach a magnet, and you're done! The hardest step in the process for me was finding the larger sized clear glass marbles, but if you can't find them in a craft store, you can buy them online. I chose to print out Google Maps locations from some cities I've traveled to recently.

More specific directions if you want to duplicate here.


Unknown said...

I was expecting to see an explanation of how you blew them from glass :)

Asirap said...

I should retitle to "Poor and Lazy Man's Glass Marble Magnets" :)

L said...

I have 6 adorning my fridge!!

Billy said...

You should have warned me that the circular pictures that are just prior to the magnets on your Flickr feed are not magnets but horrible, bloody, icky things that are going to give me nightmares. Thanks a lot!