June 30, 2009


I'm trying to learn French. It sounds cool, I know a bunch of words already, a fair number of people in Switzerland speak it, and I've always wished I had a language to accessorize better with my inflated ego. I'm currently taking the self-taught route, so I expect to be proficient enough to hold a 10 minute conversation with a French person in Zurich in 2 months. (I won't yet commit to which language we'll speak in.)

In the meantime, I decided to write a short script that can Frenchify my English to help keep me motivated while learning. Check it out here.


Drew Hintz said...

Awesome graphics. :D

qwerty said...

I can totally picture Sarkozy talking like the Frenchify output :)
Your French is clearly good enough for Mountain View - you should talk like that when you come here next month.

Julien said...

First, I found it very funny.
Then, due to Drew's comment I enabled Javascript and now I can't stop laughing :)

NumericBoy said...

I' desire to learn english too, if you want, i can teach you french by mail : "je peut t'apprendre le fancais, car c'est ma 2eme langue natale"
, i've send you an email, i'm Riantsoa. Thank's

Jake said...

Cool!! Really Funny
If you want we have a Skype group of English speakers that practice French Online :)
Its Fun.


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