July 4, 2010

My Soup

So, I have a blog, I tweet, I buzz, I post all of my pictures online, I have a Facebook account, and now I have my own soup. I heard about, one more micro-blogging tool, from some people in Zurich, and I wanted to try using it as a visual scrapbook for art, comics, illustrations, etc. that I like from the web. Whereas I might use Twitter or Buzz or even my blog to vent, seek attention, or emote, I wanted a single place where I can collect and only collect the things I think are cool on the web. Labeling items in Reader or using Bookmarks wasn't a good solution because it's not a persistent store of the content; if what I was linking to ever disappeared, it would be gone forever. And I don't use any central bookmarking tool, so these tend to be scattered across a few browsers on a few machines and eventually are disposed off upon a hard drive crash or format. All the other blogging and micro-blogging services are too polluted with other nonsense thoughts and links, so seemed to be a solution I could use for this specific purpose. Plus, it supports inline images. I don't expect anyone to follow it, but maybe you've been looking for a solution to something similar, or just want to name squat on another site.
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