September 8, 2010

I'm Back.

So, I'm back in California. I have a pile of letters from the IRS, DMV, and other agencies that I probably owed money and replies to months ago on my desk, I need to find an apartment (no wait, first decide where to look), renew registration and insurance for my Mazda pi, get a phone plan, buy a bed, and do all the other relocation things that aren't fun the first time you move to a new place, and are even less fun the second time. I also have a mean head cold right now and am wide awake at 3:00am.

On the bright side, today was your typical blindingly sunny California day (no sunlamps needed to fight the blues here!) and my wonderful second-hand Swiss fondue pot, a parting gift from friends in Zurich, made it unscathed in transit. And I think all of my other things did too, but I'm still procrastinating unpacking everything other than the fondue pot and camera until I run out of shirts to wear from my carry on.

Many, many things to do and figure out... but I'm going to try that sleep thing again for now and figure the rest out later.

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Joan said...

Wow. Everyone's leaving Zurich. Except for Loic.