October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

Is it just me, or is Halloween just getting bigger and bigger? There are at least three stores entirely dedicated to costumes and decorations in the South Bay. They appeared out of nowhere and will probably disappear just as quickly by tomorrow. I suspect a real Jack Skellingston is behind the entire October operation and some lair in Nebraska is holding all of the leftover devil horns, plastic swords, and sparse wigs, ready to restock in next year's pop-up-store sneak attack. I also wasn't able to get into any store this week without jumping over crates of bagged candy and Halloween trinkets. The phenomenon of holiday themed entrance obstacles is not uncommon, but even the Daiso $1.50 Japanese store had a big stock of costumes, wigs, and candy. Do they even celebrate Halloween in Japan?

This past Friday, we had our annual Googleween party and there were many excellent costumes on display, both from Google employees and their kids. I took the slacker's route this year, and for $2.36, slapped together a Statue of Liberty (on a Budget) ensemble: $1 thrift store headband, $1.36 CVS lighter, grey shirts and eye shadow (already owned), tablet (stolen from colleague):
Statue of Liberty (on a Budget). In NYC...

Not very impressive, but it was enough to where I didn't feel guilty going to the party and taking snacks. And what did you dress up as for Halloween this year?

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L said...

I like the theme of liberty on a budget. In this economy she surely is! I dressed up as the bat queen, according to you: