April 4, 2011

Android Cake Pops

I am typing this up with my last few kJs of energy after many hours of baking, crumbling, molding, patching, dipping, and dotting, all in an effort to bring you these little guys...

The march of the cake pops.

Android cake pops! I first read about cake pops on Bakerella's blog a year ago and I've been a silent admirer ever since. I've watched her technique evolve from the basic pop to adorable sheep pops, chick pops, and so many more adorable creations. Last year, Bakerella published a Cake Pops book and earlier this year, the stars aligned, and Leo was in town at the same time Bakerella was doing a San Francisco book signing, so we both went to see her, buy her book, and profess adoration. Every since that visit, I knew I needed to stop the spectating and get into the cake pop action.

I wanted to create a brand new pop shape. Bakerella's already covered a lot of subject matter ground, both on her blog and in her book, but she hasn't gone geek yet, so I thought I'd do what I know and stick to that genre. Luckily for me, my colleague will make molds on a moment's notice, so per request, he made me an Android mold in a day. And then I promptly procrastinated for another 3 weeks, until today.

Manfuctured by lcamtuf Inc.
Cake pops, Mike and Ike arms and legs, and Pocky antennas.
Just like all Android platforms are not equal, these Android cake pops have their own unique set of flaws (droopy eyes) and features (too much frosting coating), but the core cake in all is pretty yummy. I could go on with more geeky analogies, but I'll spare you and just end this post with a few more pictures.


He found his home in a Google coffee cup.
So much time and dipping...

Update [April 4]: I just searched the web to see if anyone else had made Android cake pops and came across this sad little creature from Picaboo Cakes in L.A.

Mine were so much better. More pictures on Flickr.
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