October 25, 2011

Zurich Again

I'm back in Zurich and feeling nostalgic. (And jetlagged.) The air is crisp and clean and it feels like October is supposed to feel. I can see traces of breath when I exhale outside, and the kaffi (coffee) is more satisfying when I step indoors. (It also just tastes a lot better.) I'm staying in Old Town, which is a never before experienced luxury for me. This morning, I walked along the lake to work, on emaculate, cobbled paths past the familiar "polite and ignoring" strangers I walked among for over a year, and it made me feel happy. The kind of happy where you smile to yourself for no clear reason and look a bit crazed, particularly if you're doing this in stoic Switzerland. I never really felt at home in Zurich, and still have ready a short list of reasons why that might be, but being here now feels unexpectedly familiar and nice. I'm already a bit sad to only stay until Saturday morning.

Then again, I bet I'll return at some point, and my next stop is sure to be lots of fun: proper vacation, an Irish post-wedding party (with real, live, Irish people! :), a trek across the middle of the country to visit my cousin, and some yet to be planned adventures with my co-procrastinating travel companion in between. For now, I'll enjoy my remaining time in Switzerland and cross my fingers things dry up.
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