December 31, 2011

To 2012!

Happy new years!

Are you looking as forward to 2012 as I am? Truth be told, 2011 was a bit bumpy for me (and the world), so I'm blissfully optimistic to start this new year, and already have a long list of things to keep me busy. My friend Dawn started a "30 before 30" list awhile ago, and from searching some on the web, it seems almost everyone else has too. That decade isn't too far off for me, so I've been inspired to start a list of my own. Most of this consists of things I've been wanting to do for years and repeatedly pushed to the side or slacked on, some of them still need to be better defined, and some just sound fun. In any case, I figure I'm much more likely to actually hold myself to completing these if I write them down, so without further ado, here is my 30 before 30: 
  1. Sleep on a beach. 
  2. Get back into climbing and climb an indoor 5.11a.
  3. Learn how to shoot manual, instinctively. 
  4. Cook 30 new soups or stews.
  5. Write thank you letters to my grandma and grandpa.
  6. Make an infographic. 
  7. Watch a movie in Spanish and write a short review (in Spanish). 
  8. Organize my foreign currency. 
  9. Do something interesting with my hair. (Bangs count, right?)
  10. Volunteer. 
  11. Make a collage.
  12. Make something Persian.
  13. Learn how to be a better manager. 
  14. Print and exhibit some photos. 
  15. Make eggs 10 different ways. 
  16. Go unprocessed for a month. 
  17. Help a stranger.
  18. Forgive. 
  19. Put together a Nowruz table.
  20. Surprise someone.
  21. Take a road trip.
  22. Teach someone something.
  23. Grow something I can eat. Eat it. 
  24. Bike more to work. 
  25. Learn how to drive stick. 
  26. Upcycle an outfit or accessory. 
  27. Do 3 pullups. 
  28. Sell something on 
  29. Relearn the world map. 
  30. Make crème brûlée.
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