May 30, 2005

Searching for Stephanie Tanner

Today I went to San Francisco with the nVIDIA interns, and did normal tourist things. After parking in an overly priced parking lot only to find out all of the parking meters were free because it was Memorial Day, we set out to find China town and food for our grumbling tummies. The food was unimpressive, but Yisong managed to finish off whatever anyone else couldn't. Some bubble tea and jelly candies later, we were off to Fisherman's warf. After we made our way through the gaggle of people on the pier staring off or floating towards Alcatraz, we stumbled upon what I have self proclaimed to be the 8th wonder of the new world... the BushMan. The BushMan sits behind his branchy facade and jumps out at ignorant passerbys, victim to his impulsive instinct. After watching him scare a few people and make a small girl cry, I couldn't help but give him a dollar for his genius - I've never gotten such quality entertainment at that cheap a price.

After we took pictures of the Goldengate Bridge, barely visible from the distance and fog, we stood in line for chocolate fixes at Ghiraedelli's. The original Ghiraedelli's. If there is a heaven and it is half as nice as the taste of their homemade chocolate sauce, I better start my penance tonight. After sitting and waiting for our sugar-induced comas to lift, we set out for Japan town. Japan town had an indoor mall that we wasted time in, specifically, taking "cool" pictures and playing with stuffed kitties in Japanese book stores. After a quick calf stretch, we set off towards our cars back through hilly San Francisco, taking a moment's rest in Union Square to watch shady characters circle statues and take Brady-family style pictures. We still haven't found Stephanie Tanner's house, so there is more to be done in the city before the summer ends...

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