May 25, 2005

To Blog, or not to Blog

First, I got a cell phone. Then, I joined thefacebook. Now, I fall once again to the pressures of the new age, and start a Blog - le disappointment. Actually, I've wanted to for some time, but didn't have the time or desire to implement a blogging system of my own, and didn't like any of the free options out there. I wanted to integrate it nicely into the waste of web space I tend to at fscked, so after I learned I could template up blogger and use their easy interface, I thought I'd give it a go. And so, an explanation of my purpose in succumbing to the masses:

1. To improve my writing skills. I consider myself a decent writer, and always up for good discussion concerning some social, political, or technical topic, but unless I can clearly and effectively communicate my ideas, I can't expect to be taken seriously by anyone of importance. Hopefully with practice, improvement will follow.

2. Keep some digital record of what is happening and what I have to say about it. I'd like to have some form of documentation concerning current events in the world and my personal life, and I think the most efficient and robust way of doing this is through an electronic medium. Down the road, I will hopefully have something to review and have a good laugh (or scoff) at.

3. Since all good things come in threes, my third reason is perhaps one in vanity, but I'll keep this blog public in the hopes that one or two people out there are entertained by what I have to say or how I manage to say it. I've been known to read a blog or two, so if I can afford that same luxury to some other surfer on the net, I won't mind feeling slightly accomplished.

And here we go...

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