July 10, 2007

One Yue in Mountain View

Yisong visited this past weekend and I'm happy to report he is still as awesome, hungry, and Capitalistic as we all remember him! Whereas most people lose the majority of their friends to distance after college, it seems that many of mine are slowly migrating to the Bay Area, tech Mecca of the western world. Just this summer, Steve moved to Berkeley to start his PhD and last week John moved out with Robin to start working at Palantir. Or maybe it's just my magnetic personality that is drawing all my friends to California. Yeah, that must be it.

Anyways, Yisong was in town and it was my job to help entertain and feed him. On Saturday, John, Robin, Steve and Anne Downing, the other Steve, and I went to Amarin Thai and a gelato shop in Mountain View for dinner. On Sunday, a subset of that group and Graeme, one of my coworkers, drove up to Big Basin to do the Berry Creek Falls trail, an easy 10.5 mile loop with a gorgeous waterfall midway through the hike. After the hike, we came back to my apartment for a barbeque and had Jerry Talton and his girlfriend for dessert. We didn't eat them, but we did do a good job on the chocolate cake they brought. In an effort to reduce Internet pollution with redundant dribble, I'll just link to Steve's blog for the details.


L said...

You're so lazy... and Steve's so bored... and I am SO jealous... I miss you so much!

John Carrino said...

So you can steal my pictures, but you're too good to put me on your links page. :(

Asirap said...

JC, the error has been remedied.

Anonymous said...
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