May 26, 2008


For those nearing the bottom of their Netflix queue, I shall supply two recommended documentaries:

1. Jesus Camp: Follows a Pentecostal summer camp for children who spend their summers learning and practicing how to "take back America for Christ." There is no strong hidden bias in this film (unlike your typical Michael Moore flick), and the main characters depicted in the film were generally pleased with the resulting film. Amusingly, the only character displeased with his depiction was Ted Haggard. Then again, he was probably just bitter because of some incidents that were exposed months after this film was released. This was quite disturbing, at least for someone who is otherwise unfamiliar with religious extremism. Still, a worthwhile watch.

2. Grizzly Man: Follows the adventures and not too unexpected death of Timothy Treadwell as he lived among Grizzly bears for 13 years in the Alaskan wilderness. I know what you're thinking... "Bet all those trees and bears would look really nice on a big screen... Yawn." And yes, there is some nice bear footage, but the more entertaining part of this documentary is watching the eccentric, bipolar, yet at times charismatic main character spread his controversial Grizzly gospel.

And remember, even if the documentary is bad, you sound that much smarter for watching it over some crappy romantic comedy.


DC said...

Hey Man! I like romantic little escape from reality. Btw, have you seen Lions for Lambs? I watched that last night- talk about a dose of reality...too realisitc AND it has Tom Cruise...ugh.

Asirap said...

I haven't, but I'm always needing new movie recommendations. Except for the Tom Cruise part, it sounds good. I'll let you know what I think.

L said...

I watched this last night and it was awesome: