May 10, 2008

Glass Blowing

I took a glass blowing class about a month ago and thought I'd post some of my finished products. There are a few places in the bay area that offer glass classes, typically for lampworking and typically for around $400 for a weekend workshop -- pricey! I really wanted to try out glassblowing (think glory hole and big vat of molten glass) over flame working (think little blow torch and rods of glass), and I finally found a dude in Santa Cruz that offered to teach me out of his rented garage. Hooray for hippie art dudes on Craigslist! So we set up a time to do it, I paid him some money, and he taught me the basics of glassblowing while helping me make some paper weights, some pumpkins, and a drinking glass. I'd love to continue doing this, but it's a pretty expensive hobby, requires a lot of equipment or studio rental and you really need a partner to work with. Until I figure out those details, I'll just have a much greater appreciation for glass work.

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