December 21, 2008

2008 Mods

Another year of glue gun burns and paint fumes comes to an end. Here are some mods from 2008:

La Sportiva Tigre. Nothing here outside of the addition of some Sharpie tiger stripes to the classic Cliff shoe. A surprising number of people asked me about the shoe though (what model, where I got them, etc.). I think I should start offering custom climbing shoe art.

Mazda Pi. Mmmm... pi! My first attempt at a car mod. Oh yes, I'm that cool.

iPod wallet. I had a dead iPod whose life could not be resurrected for a reasonable price. I gutted it and made its body into a useful fashion accessory (essentially, a normal iPod).

Here's hoping 2009 yields something more useful!


Billy said...

How is this dated 21 December when it didn't show up til 20 January?

Asirap said...

I think I created the post back then, but didn't actually publish it until today (for no good reason) and Blogger just leaves the date on when you create the post. Either that, or I've fumbled up time for everyone again.

Billy said...

I figured maybe I was communicating through time to Parisa in the past. I should tell you some things so you can make some bets and make tons of money. UF beats Oklahoma in the championship game, ummm, a lot of other games took place too. I bet you could make a lot more if you knew scores but looking them up isn't worth making you rich. Maybe if we had an agreement of some sort.

Asirap said...

Thanks Bill, I'm sure I can make at least $20 in a dive bar somewhere with this information. As for deals, I have some yogurt in my refrigerator that will expire January 3rd. I can try and deliver it to you now and it might still be good?