March 29, 2009

March Post... DONE

It's late on Sunday and I feel rushed. I'm feeling rushed for a number of reasons, so I've decided to tackle the least important, but easiest to address: it's almost April and I still haven't posted to my blog for March! As my most faithful readers know (Hi Googlebot!), I try to post once a month. Not because I have valuable insight to share or because it's therapeutic, but because I've now maintained that frequency for a few years and I'm afraid that if I stop, something catastrophic will happen. Maybe my liver will spontaneously explode. Or maybe some nameless obsessive compulsive reader depending on monthly blog readings won't be able to perform his ritual, will go psycho, and embark upon a mass shooting at a nearby donut shop. I know the likelihood of either of these is small, but the risk of having blood (or liver chunks) on my hands is too great to not put in the 10 minutes a month to post.

Unfortunately, (only) complaining about needing to post doesn't suffice as an actual post. My ego checked and tried to convince my super-ego this was a valid loop hole, but my super-ego is a stubborn bitch. So, I'll update you on a few of the larger things I've been doing in March.
  • First, I've been spending the last full month of my life being 25 years old. I'm turning 26 this Friday. I remember when I thought 25 was so old and now I'm going to be even older than that. One redeeming point is that back in January, Steve had actually (and accidentally) convinced me that I was 26. For a minute, I had accepted that age and made peace with it. Thankfully, I then recalculated that I was actually only 25, but knowing that I was OK with being 26, even if just for a minute, makes me confident I can do it again.
  • I've been seeing a lot of knee doctors. Two months ago, I tore the ACL and meniscus in my right knee playing soccer, so I'm going to have the ACL reconstructed (again) and meniscus cleaned up. I originally had this done in Chicago 10 years ago with the physician for the Chicago Bears. This time, I'm going to have surgery with the physician for the San Francisco 49ers. I don't even like football.
  • I've been making moving plans. I'm relocating to Zurich in late May and staying there for a year. The truth is, I've never been totally satisfied with my career in technology. After much personal reflection and with the guidance of some local truffle gurus, I've both accepted and embraced that my true calling in life is to spread the good word of Chocolate to people around the world. I will be taking an unpaid apprenticeship with Lindt to learn the craft from its highest practitioners and one day humbly embark on my own journey of making the world a sweeter and more cocoa-flavored place to live in. [Well, that's not completely true. I'm actually going to just be doing the same sort of security stuff I do now, but in Google Switzerland. But I'm sure I'll be frequenting local chocolate shops in Zurich, so I'm standing by some of that story.]
Other than that, I'm still not married, I'm not pregnant, and I haven't been diagnosed with any terminal illnesses. Three cheers!

Thinking about moving, surgery, and aging has put me in a weird and reflective mood. The past 6 months have been this confusing and stressful and eye opening and exciting time for me. I do feel like I'm entering into the next quarter of my life with some fresh perspective, a little bit more wisdom (we're talking milliliters here... see Europeans, I can do metric already!), and a lot of energy (to use toward something I'm sure I'll figure out soon). I have some small disappointment that I don't use this blog as more of a personal journal to share the deep and dark details of what all those bland adjectives describe in sentence #2, but it's easier and more appropriate to just frost my life's perspective with sarcasm and bad jokes, at least if I'm going to post it online. That said, thank you to the people in my life that are a sounding board to my insanity (whether you offer to or not), thank you to those that have been patient and understanding while I figure things out, and thank you to those that make me smile.

Thank you to those that make me smile... WTF? When did I start sounding like Hallmark? No, when did I start sounding like the cheap Walgreens version of Hallmark that retails for a $1 less because it's slightly more sappy (but on slightly worse quality cardboard). Oh, wait a minute... this yogurt I'm eating actually has an expiration date from last week. That whole "weird and reflective" feeling was probably just "weird and nauseous". You can disregard that whole last paragraph because I'm not standing by a word of it.

See you in April.


qwerty said...

If only you were a Lost fan, I could make some joke about blogging every 108 minutes... As it is, you'll just have to ask Brandon :)

Steve Hanna said...

it's okay to be emo parisa.

Yisong Yue said...

It's okay to be awesome, Parisa.

L said...

It's okay to be hungry Parisa.

Billy said...

Why three cheers? Is it so horrible to be married or pregnant?