May 16, 2010

Prepping for Return

I just bought a one-way flight to San Francisco, and thus, my year abroad is coming to a close. Many things that I'll miss and be sad about leaving behind, but let's stick to the happy... this isn't Livejournal! For one, I'm actually coming back for part of July and August to finish up some work in the Zurich office, so I can more gracefully come to terms with my departure from this strange and foreign land. Two, there are at least a couple of things I am immediately looking forward to: hanging out with friends I haven't seen in a long time, Mexican food and Radio La Kalle, stores being open on Sundays, Amazon Prime 2-day delivery, all of my electronics working without converters, lower prices, default English, default sun. Oh, and pickles... they make the pickles too sweet for my taste in Switzerland. Give me the dill!

Outside of moving, I'm starting to brainstorm what's next. Whether I'll go back to living in the south bay area with a negligible commute and pool accessible apartment, or try out living in San Francisco... perusing which classes I want to try at The Crucible and CCA... refinding some physical activity besides soccer where I can unleash my aggression (so that I don't have to do it in code reviews)... and then other important life decisions, like if I should get one or two kittens once I'm settled, or whether I should waste my money on a big screen TV or projector setup. Advice or a roll on your magic eight ball appreciated.


Paul Dabrowski said...

Live in the city.. the peninsula is boring. I guess it has trees - thats nice. Oh, you could also try some anti-aggression mountain biking, in which case living south of the city is good.
Two kittens if you can deal, otherwise none.

Joan said...

You could always try moving to Asia. You'll definitely get more sun if you come by closer to the equator.