December 29, 2010

Top 10 Photos from 2010

My friend Brandon encourages his fellow camera carrying friends to pick their Top 10 photos from the year. It's a good excuse to run through my past 12 months of photos and pretend I have some consistent metric I can use to rate my photos against each other. Like last year, I tried to do this pretty quickly because it's a task that lends itself to over analysis (and my pictures aren't worth that). So without further ado, here are my favorites from 2010:
A green house in the Jardim do Ultramar in Belém, Portugal
Cabe da Roca, Portugal
A painter in the Alcazar in Sevilla, Spain
 A green in Rapperswil, Switzerland
Valser water in Vals, Switzerland
David souvenirs in Florence, Italy
The rocky coast in Naples, Italy
Holocaust monument in Berlin, Germany
Clouds over San Francisco, California
A rainy day on Lasalle St in Chicago, Illinois
Lessons for 2011: (1) Chill out on the post-process vignetting, (2) try to take more pictures of people (with clothes on), and (3) learn how to use off-camera flash.

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