January 3, 2011

Detox 2011

Happy new year! I am posting this quickly while I'm still in some good spirits. I'm 3 days in on a (month-long) detox adventure that will surely throw me into fits of crabby rage and mood swings... any minute now. It's actually embarrassing I'd call this an adventure because it's pretty inline with common sense, but I'm cutting out coffee and all soda for a month and avoiding foods with high fructose content - veggies and fruits OK, desserts and most packaged munchies not.

Why? Mens sana in corpore sano... a sound mind in a sound body. Over the past year, I've slowly increased the coffee, sugary drinks, and snacks during the day. Google is a mine field of yummy treats that too easily tempt me during the work day. I could try and just be reasonable and reduce my intake, but going cold turkey for awhile sounds more admirable, or at least measurable. I actually don't even consider coffee that bad for you, but it's become my replacement for water too often during the day, and I'm curious how dependent I am on the caffeine fix. As for soda, no possible good can come from that, and I've gotten into a terrible habit of drinking a Diet Cherry Coke every day at work... time to stop. I will report back in February on my success (or failure).

If none of this results in feeling better, I'll try these out in February.

Anyone else have any resolutions for 2011?


L said...

I try to keep my resolutions simple and realistic, last year it was to always use the stairs instead of the elevator in our building (we lived on the 2nd floor). This year I didn't think of one at all actually, I sort of forgot :-)

Good for you on the detox from caffeine and splenda!!! However I do NOT endorse the dessert prohibition, that's just not right.

Asirap said...

It's not too late!

And thanks, it hasn't been too hard so far, at least for the diet coke. I do have taste for coffee in the morning, but no caffeine withdrawal headaches. I'm pretty sure I'll go back to coffee in February, but I wanted to get into a better habit of drinking more water during the day, and this is forcing me to.

As for desserts, you'll note I said *avoid*... and I'm starting to get much more creative with how I categorize different former desserts (e.g. chocolate is kind of a vegetable, since it comes from beans... right?)

Stephanie D. said...

You should try reading "Skinny Bitch," it is so amazing and gives really great tips on leading a healthy, toxic free diet.

P.S. the foot pads are kind of a scam...I've tried them before and didn't feel a difference. I'm pretty sure it's just the oils or some other secretion that turns the pads dark.

Hope that helps! =)

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Asirap said...

Hey Steph, thanks for the book pointer. I figured the pads were a scam, but nice to have confirmation :P