January 29, 2012

Top 10 Photos of 2011

Last year apparently wasn't a big photo year for me because I didn't have a ton of options to pick for an annual "Top 10" set. Either I'm getting worse, or more picky, or someone is deleting some of my photos from Flickr. In any case, here are ten that don't entirely suck:

My favorite picture from the year. Taken in a hostel in a South African township.
Taking pictures from a camel is hard; mean and wobbly creatures. I put my camera in gunshot mode and hoped for the best.
Another one taken from atop a camel in Morocco.
This is Azis. I stayed at his Berber hotel in Skoura, Morocco.
RAWR!!! Taken at Ravenside Lodge in South Africa.
I love the colors in this one. He also looked very happy. Taken at a BBQ in a township in South Africa.
I think I like this one entirely for nostalgic reasons. The mate, the fashion, the kids on the street: it all reminds me of my week in Buenos Aires.
Taken in Morocco.
Yep, taken in Morocco too.
Taken in South Africa.


Tim Nguyen said...

These don't suck. :)

Newlog said...

Awesome photos!

Anonymous said...

good ;)