January 27, 2013

To Malibu and Back

I just got back from a solo trip down and up the 101, which wraps up my buffer break between jobs. (I'm changing teams tomorrow to work with the awesome Chrome Security Team!) Outside of a few cell phone pictures, I stayed unplugged for the whole week (how this human recharges) and spent my days doing sun salutations and 60ish miles of hiking in the gorgeous Santa Monica mountains.

Bixby Bridge (en route to Malibu).
The view from Chamberlain Rock.
No clue :)
Pacific View Road
And now, I'm happy to be back to my warm, buzzing grid.

Note: I used the 1960's G+ Photo filter on all these phone panorama photos. I was listening to Travels with Charley on audio book while driving and in a sixty's mood. Also, G+ has a lot of fun photo editing options available now!


Unknown said...

Weird California!!!! I thinks you can depict Harmony of nature till to horizon very simple and lovely. I really like it ....

Anonymous said...

be careful.that s not even same as ur Buenos Aires weekend.
it s real nature.when u r alone this real nature can be tragedy like