December 15, 2006

Yat Shack Christmas Extravaganza 2006

Bill, Bedoor, and I hosted the first annual Yat Shack Christmas Extravaganza in celebration of finals being over, my departure from UIUC, and well... the first Christmas spent in the Yat Shack! Homemade spiced wine, hot chocolate, cider, and egg nog (of both the spiked and non-spiked variety), plus a host of sugary goodies were served and merriment was in abundance. We ended the evening around a bonfire in the backyard and chatted about horrible movies and sweating wood.

In the morning, Bill and I bagged up the (many, many, many) leftovers and reminisced about old times. Apparently, Bill knew a girl at Georgia Tech (who was a part-time stripper) that did a flaming nipple trick each year at a Christmas party he went to. For my benefit, he demonstrated the trick, breaking it down into three easy steps: (1) Split the match cardboard .5cm and bend the sides outward in opposite directions; (2) Lick both match splits and stick to nipples; (3) Light matches and smile; (Optional) Dance and shake.

And with that, let me present my roommate, CS431 (and former CS423) TA, and dear friend, Bill Donkervoet*, performing the much acclaimed Flaming Nipple Trick...

* To all of the single ladies out there, if his torched tits aren't enough to get you all riled up, this stunning bachelor with a saucy southern drawl is handy, knows his way around a UNIX filesystem, and makes a mean veggie quesadilla.

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Anonymous said...

OMG. Flaming nipple trick? Sounds scary. Ha-ha, I wonder how's he gonna mend that "torched" nipple then. :P