October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween from Seoul

I'm on the last leg of my 5 week long trip around Asia, meaning I've been eating lots of rice, taking lots of pictures, and not blogging. I did manage to accidentally eat some pumpkin today at lunch and dinner; traditional Jeju food is characterized as having seafood, pumpkin, or both, and I'm currently on Jeju Island (Jejudo). Lots to upload and write about when I return to Zurich next week, but for now... ::burp::

Oh, except for one thing. I am hugely disappointed that after now having visited Japan, China, and South Korea (admittedly briefly), my score on has not improved at all since I last took it in college. Has anyone gotten a perfect score on this?


fang said...

hehe i'll try the test, just to make sure it's not impossible to score it high :)
Love your pix in Asia!

Asirap said...

Yes, let me know your score!

Thanks for the picture compliments. So many more to sort through...